Journal papers: Networks

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  3. “Cascades in multiplex financial networks with debts of different seniority”, Charles D. Brummitt and T. Kobayashi, Physical Review E 91, 062813, 2015.

    This article is featured by APS Physics and Kobe University News

  4. “A model of financial contagion with variable asset returns may be replaced with a simple threshold model of cascades”, T. Kobayashi, Economics Letters 124, 113-116, 2014.  [Matlab code]

  5.  Efficient immunization strategies to prevent financial contagion”, T. Kobayashi and Kohei Hasui, Scientific Reports 4, no. 3834, 2014. [Matlab code]

  6. “Network versus portfolio structure in financial systems”, T. Kobayashi, European Physical Journal B, 2013, 86, 10, 434.